We Are Experienced Hotel Real Estate Investors, Developers, Owners, & Managers.....

      Plains Management Group, L.L.C. is a privately held, fully integrated Hotel Development, Ownership, and Management company located in Oklahoma City, OK.  Plains Management Group (Plains), was formed in 2011 by the company's Managing Partners Jonathan Pitman & Ryan Slater.  The company was created with the vision to develop, own, and manage high quality hotels.  To date the company has been involved in the development of over $75mm of hotel real estate properties.

     We franchise with worldwide recognized “best in class” hospitality brands that all have an outstanding reputation and track record for operational excellence.  Plains Management Group brings its expertise in hospitality development & management to its projects, striving to create a singular experience for guests of each hotel.



4335 N. Classen Boulevard

Oklahoma City, OK 73118

405.608.0944 | info@plainsmanagementgroup.com



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