Starting during the pre-opening process we immediately put in to place our competitive sales & marketing strategies.  Our hotels will be able to compete successfully in its markets through (1) the creation of a sustainable competitive advantage for its service offering, and (2) positioning its service offering successfully in relation to its competitors (3) Improved sales & marketing operating techniques. In addition to managing demand, our hotels will  manage its capacity, or ability to supply the demand made by its customers.



Our marketing strategy will allow us to communicate our brand values, develop close working relationships with our customers and suppliers and to identify the needs of our guests in an effective manner. Continued differentiation and growth are two goals we have set for all of our hotels. Growth will take place by targeting new areas of business within both local and national communities.

+ Agressive Marketing Techniques                    

+ Best in Class Brand Partners                        

+ Focused Sales Approach

+ Proven Revenue Management Processes